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“How lucky this patch of Suffolk is to have the Woolpit Drama Club. The productions are funny, graceful, light as air – and sometimes wiry and serious – but always so confident they seem almost effortless, and give pure pleasure to the audience.” Lady Carla Carlisle

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When We Are Married by J B Priestley – 20, 21, and 22 February 2014: “Once again the Woolpit Drama Club has put on a play that is so well performed, with such excellent acting, spot-on timing and well portrayed characters that I haven’t anything that I can criticise. From the opening scene to the final camera flash of the happy photographic ending, we were in for a fast and furious farce of a comedy, about a marriage mix up that gratefully comes right in the end.” Read this review in full here and on the OneSuffolk website. Audiences were delighted – here are some of the comments sent to club members after the show.

Double Bill, October 2013: A Double Bill of tragedy and comedy matched two plays as different as chalk and cheese: The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan and Red Peppers by Noel Coward. Reviewer Rex Mounfield described them as: “two excellent renditions of outstanding and thought provoking plays”. Read this review in full on the OneSuffolk website For another review, click here To see rehearsal photos, click here

Calendar Girls, May 2013: ”On previous visits to Woolpit I have been greatly impressed by the high standard of acting, stage management and enjoyment given by the Woolpit Drama Club. Not this time. This time, I have been truly lost in a story of love, sorrow and sadness along with great happiness, shared by friends that were so well portrayed that it allowed me for a short time to become part of the Calendar Girls lives … “ Read this review in full on the One Suffolk website Audience feedback click here To see rehearsal photos, click here To see publicity photo (courtesy of Bury Free Press) click here

The Diary of Anne Frank, November 2012: “A story of courage, hope and optimism, told through the words of Anne Frank, a lively, intelligent girl with an extrovert personality that shines through the pages of her diary.” Audience comment: “Many, many congratulations to all those involved in the production. I am so glad that I made it to last night’s performance. It was terrific! A brilliant piece of theatre. We must never forget those that suffered.” Click here to read a review

Leaving Tommy, September 2012: “This is a tour de force of a performance … performed with such sensitivity, clarity and feeling by Scott Walker” to read this review, click here.

Salad Days, May 2012: “All the way through … there was a slickness which could only be achieved by a great deal of hard work from everyone.” To read this review click here

Rebecca, April 2011: ” … a gripping evening’s entertainment, with impressive characterisation, high drama and suspense.” To read a review, click here. View gallery

It Runs in the Family, November 2011: “Once more I must report an excellent production from the players of Woolpit … everyone on and off stage was tremendous.” To read this review click here View gallery

A Christmas Carol, December 2010: “Once again the Woolpit Drama Club gave a masterly performance, one of which Charles Dickens himself would have been proud” – for more info, pictures and two reviews click here

One-Act Plays, September 2010: A double bill of one-act plays with supper – combining cultural and culinary excellence! To see photos, click here

The Killing of Sister George, March 2010: “ an excellent production, with gifted players who brought to life an excellent play with the right amount of humour and sadness” – for more info and pictures in the review click here

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, November 2009: “The Dream … has never been one of my favourites [but] I really enjoyed myself, and came away feeling quite inspired.”  – For info and pictures in the review click here

Cinderella, February 2009: “What a terrible review to have to do.  Everything was great…”- to read two reviews click here

How The Other Half  Loves, November 2006: – for pictures and review click here

A Man For All Seasons, November 2008: - for pictures click here

Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie, March 2008: As the glamorous Kay Ridgeway and her new husband, Simon Mostyn, set off on a honeymoon voyage up the Nile, an explosive mixture of rage and resentment is seething among the other passengers. To view gallery, click here