For the Producers and Cast of the Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dear All!

I’d like to thank you for bringing the Midsummer Night’s Dream to life for me. I thought the production was truly excellent.

First impressions – theatre in the round truly transformed the village hall – one was able to forget one’s surroundings, and just enjoy. The modern dress worked well for me. I thought the punk style kilts unified the fairies, making it easy to identify characters, which can be a problem when watching various film versions.

I also thought that the mechanicals were hilarious -we were all splitting our sides, and I thought it was probably much more in keeping with the type of really bawdy, funny style that Shakespeare intended for this.

I enjoyed the magical element particularly Puck; in this particular production I thought the tension and contrast between Athenians, fairies and mechanicals really worked, and again I had the sense that this was the type of atmosphere intended.

I have seen various film productions of The Dream, but until now – possibly put off by studying at school when I was twelve! – it has never been one of my favourites. So once again thank you! I really enjoyed myself, and came away feeling quite inspired – to the extent that I made some rough notes that evening, which I decided to write up in this letter.

21st January, 2009

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