Outside Edge

With undercurrents of lust, adultery and sexual deception, Richard Harris‘s cricketing comedy Outside Edge gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘leg over wicket‘.

Woolpit Drama Club’s production [23/24 November 2007] added another hit to this accomplished company‘s record of success.

The crack of ball on willow is almost drowned out by bickering, rivalry and recriminations as a hapless team of amateur cricketers struggle to play a straight bat in this sharply observed comedy.

John Lintin and Lesley Pearson superbly portrayed obsessive team captain Roger and his long suffering wife Miriam. Christine Ashdown as the towering Maggie and David Cook as her ‘fat little whippet’ of a husband Kevin made a hilarious double act.

Richard Harris allows each of the characters to reveal the true nature hidden behind the carefully constructed image they want to present. The affable Dennis (impeccably played by Tim Lodge) is shown up as a lecherous fake and a heartless husband.

Everyone thinks that Bob (Robert Cook) has found a new lover, but his glamorous wife, Ginnie (Debbie Jones), knows he is actually visiting his ex-wife. Well-off solicitor Alex (Colin Mason) is more in love with himself than the string of pretty girls he manages to pick up. His latest conquest, Sharon (Davina Chinnery) is the worm who eventually turns to bite the heel that grinds her down. All four actors gave fine performances.

As relationships shatter and rain stops play, this finely constructed farce wound to a close, ending an evening of pure enjoyment. Tremendous credit is due to directors Richard Stainer and David Cordon and to the team who built an impressive multi-layered set on which the action took place.