The Diary of Anne Frank

Review by One Suffolk:

“I usually attend non-professional theatre performances with a certain amount of pre-conceived expectations.
However, reviewing Woolpit Drama Clubs current production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” at Woolpit Village Hall on Thursday 22nd November, I came away convinced that the word “amateur” was redundant, and did not apply to this amazingly professional production. It was of a standard and quality I have not witnessed from an amateur company before.
This is the tragic story of Anne Frank, her family and four other Jewish residents of Amsterdam, being incarcerated in an attic in Amsterdam from 1942 – 1944, to avoid being rounded up and transported to a concentration camp by the occupying German Gestapo.
This clever adaptation by Wendy Kesselman, shows a microcosm of the Frank Family, the van Daans and the dentist Mr. Dussel living together in the confined space of a small attic, never being able to leave the for fear of being discovered.
Powerful, deeply touching, sometimes humorous, and emotionally compelling, leaves the audience quite drained and reflective.
Fifteen year old Isabella O’Rielly, gives a remarkable performance as Anne Frank, with such sensitivity, and understanding of the character, a truly faultless performance. Equally matched by Gareth Hatton as her father Otto Frank, a beautifully observed performance, full of gentleness, compassion and truth. They are supported by an excellent cast each with their own interesting and individual characters. Incidental music was specially composed by Tom Mennary.
This really was a 5* production, superbly directed by David Cordon.”

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