Rehearsals for When We Are Married

Cast: Ruby Birtle – Paquita Savill, Gerald Forbes – Gareth Hatton, Mrs Northrop - Val Mayhew, Nancy Holmes - Clare Baker, Fred Dyson - Philip Donald, Ormonroyd - Stanley Bates, Joseph Helliwell - Nic Pearce, Maria Helliwell - Christine Ashdown, Albert Parker - Paul Gort, Annie Parker – Jan Pearce, Herbert Soppitt - John Levantis, Clara Sopitt - Gayle Wade, Lottie Grady - Vivien James, Rev Mercer - Tim Wheatley

Snippets from rehearsals - most recent first:

Sunday 16 February: The set is now up and, after a technical rehearsal yesterday getting to grips with opening and closing the real doors, rather than pretend doors, we had a full dress rehearsal this afternoon. Director David Cordon was pleased with the way it went, and it was good to hear laughter coming from the few people sitting out front. A few photos from today’s rehearsal have been uploaded to the website: click here to see the whole album.

Sunday 9 February: With only a couple of weeks to go, everything is coming together nicely. Director David Cordon says: ‘The cast is working very hard and I know you are in for a first rate production. It’s a very funny play full of wonderful characters and I know it’s going to be a cracking performance.’

Saturday 18 January: We had a trip to the costumiers Masquerade, at Earl Stonham to try on costumes for the women. Corsets have also been bought for the female characters to give us the requisite posture – there is nothing like real discomfort to give that naturalistic edge to acting the part of an Edwardian lady! Some of the men are growing side whiskers and moustaches, and they will be having the pleasure of stiff celluloid collars.

Thursday 19 December: This was the last rehearsal before the Christmas break. David and Stanley enlivened the proceedings by treating the cast to mince pies and mulled wine. Merry Christmas! We will all return to a new rehearsal schedule in January: Sunday afternoons and two evenings a week. We have all been instructed to learn our lines over the holidays. First rehearsal will be on January 5, when we will be joined by Julia Salmon who has volunteered to prompt for this production.

Monday 25 November: Two new cast members - Phillip Donald (Fred Dyson) and Vivien James (Lottie Grady) joined us for their first rehearsal. You may remember Phillip Donald from the recent Double Bill where he played not one but two roles in The Browning Version. Vivien James played the lead in the club’s successful production of Calendar Girls. See Rehearsal photos page for images.

November newsletter: Director David Cordon: “We are now in the early stages of production, what is known in theatre circles as “blocking – working out the moves; no easy task when you have six to eight actors on stage all looking at the director for inspiration!”

Wednesday 20 November: More rehearsal photos have been added to the gallery – slightly more relaxed as it is not so bitterly cold in the village hall and we have actually taken our coats off!

Rehearsals have now started (Monday 11 November 2014) and we will be rehearsing three evenings a week. Director David Cordon has asked everyone to grow their hair to fit in with the period (1908) and we will be hiring suitable period costumes. Nipped in waists for the women – as far as humanly possible! Moustaches were fashionable for men at the time – Movember may be just the beginning!